At 3 Treasures, we are 100% vegetarian!

We promise that you will not find any meat or seafood in our food. In addition, our food does not contain onions, garlic, chives, green onions, leeks and alcohol. Certain items contain egg and dairy products. If you have any dietary preferences, please feel free to discuss it with us.

Local favourites

From Chinese dishes such as Wanton Noodles and Laksa to Indian dish like Roti Prata,
we are sure there is something for everyone at 3 Treasures.

Noodles 面类

Wanton Noodles


$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)


$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Kway Chap


$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Vegetarian Prawn Noodles Soup


$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Yong Tau Foo


$0.70 per piece

Minimum $3.50

Daily Special 每日特餐

Lor Mee (Available on Monday)

卤面 (星期一)

$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Bak Kut Teh (Available on Tuesday)

素肉骨茶 (星期二)

$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Duck Rice (Available on Tuesday)

素鸭饭 (星期二)

$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Chicken Rice (Available on Wed & Sat)

素鸡饭 (星期三及星期六)

$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Nasi Lemak (Available on Thursday)

椰浆饭 (星期四)

$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Mee Rebus (Available on Friday)

马来卤面 (星期五)

$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Mixed Veg Rice (Available on Mon & Fri)

什菜饭 (3样菜) (星期一及星期五)

$3.00 (R)   $3.50 (L)
Roti Prata (Available on Wed, Sat & PH)

印度煎饼 (星期三, 六 & 公定假日)

$1.00 (Plain)

$1.50 (Egg)